AZ Electric Fleet Day 2023

The TE Activator’s inaugural ‘Arizona Electric Fleet Day’ was a successful networking and awareness-building event held on March 14th, 2023, at Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe, Arizona. The purpose of the event was to connect fleet operators and managers of all sizes and sectors with resources for fleet electrification and transition planning. The event programming included several panels on fleet transition planning, fleet management, and an overview of government and utility grants and incentives. There was also an exposition of viable electrification solutions for a B2B/B2G audience, which intended to connect planners of capital allocation with expert guidance and solutions.

The event had approximately 150 attendees representing more than 60 different organizations, including ChargePoint, Iron City Polaris, XOS trucks, ASU, ICF, ZEVX, Raymond West, Waymo, CLEAResult, Harmon Electric, Canyon State Bus, Blink, Flo, RWC, AZ Waste Water, Heliox, Lightning eMotors, Solectrac, and SGWS. Several Arizona cities and towns attended the event, including Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Avondale, Peoria, Queen Creek, Sedona, and Goodyear.

Vehicles on display included an electric school bus, an electric street sweeper, electric panel vans, electric and converted pickup trucks, electric bikes, as well as a Lucid Air, a Soletrac electric tractor, a Waymo autonomous vehicle, and several GEM electric carts.

We were joined by special guests, Devin Darlek, State Fleet Administrator at Arizona Department of Transportation, and the Tempe Mayor, Corey Woods. Devin gave opening remarks, talking about the movement to make transportation electrification a reality for Arizona. Mayor Corey Woods made a special appearance to talk about the importance of transportation electrification for the region.

The informational panels were a highlight of the event, providing attendees with crucial information for their fleet electrification planning. Panel 1 was focused on building a Fleet Electrification Transition Plan, where representatives from SRP, APS, and ICF talked about the benefits of fleet electrification and the process of transition planning. Panel 2 focused on managing an Electrified Fleet and provided insights from organizations who have started their fleet electrification transition. Panel 3 was on Incentives and Grant Programs, where transition planning specialists from DNV shared an overview of government incentive programs as well as opportunities for grants to assist those planning to electrify their fleets in Arizona.

The event also received press coverage, with FOX 10 covering it at 5 PM and 10:30 PM. The news segments talked about Arizona cities and universities transitioning to electric car fleets and how the event showed the future of transportation.

See links to news coverage here: FOX 10 at 5PM - Arizona cities and universities transforming to electric car fleets

FOX 10 at 10:30PM - Arizona cities and universities transforming to electric car fleets

FOX 10 - Expo in Tempe shows future of Electric fleet amid transition to EVs 

Arizona Electric Fleet Day successfully connected fleet operators and managers with the necessary resources and solutions for fleet electrification and transition planning. The panels, exhibitors, and special guests made the event informative and valuable for attendees. With the growing transition to electric fleets, events like these are crucial for keeping fleet operators and managers up to date with the latest developments and solutions for electrification.